Gemstones to Gift to Your Favorite Sun Sign
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Gemstones to Gift to Your Favorite Sun Sign

It is possible to increase positive energies by wearing or carrying a gem stone related to your Zodiac Sun Sign.

I'm a big believer in stone power and the related color energies - so much so, I wear or carry different stones for different ongoing events in my life.

When I want to feel brave, I choose tiger's eye or peridot. When I seek tranquility and wisdom, I wear turquoise or lapis. For luck with creativity and money issues, I wear malachite.  I strongly believe in the power of stones. They have always engaged and empowered me.

Here are 12 different stones and crystals, related to the Sun Signs, that you may choose to wear, or carry, for your own good luck and empowerment. I call these "touch stones" because once you get "in touch" with them, they enhance all positive energies coming your way.

Aries: Garnet or Ruby. Red, the hallmark Aries color enhances Aries' strengths and endurance. If you are going hard towards something (like a new position or holding onto your current job), wear either of these stones, or put one in your pocket. Although diamond is often labeled as the official Aries stone, I see red energy as the better choice for you, now. Garnets, in particular, can prevent money loss. If money is one of your worries, or you'd like to increase your financial cushion, wear garnets.

Taurus: Jade, Moss agate. Agates. Although jade might be easier to find, moss agates have a long, ancient history as powerful medicine - particularly when strength and courage are needed. A moss agate also can cleanse your negative energies and propel you strongly in the direction of your goals. Jade is mysterious and powerful. Wear jade for good luck. If you do not own these stones, you may purchase them reasonably at a reputable rock store. If jewelry is not your thing, put them on your desk, or in a glass dish. Jade, in particular, is often found in small figurines. Perfect for your home or workplace.

Gemini: Aventurine, Diamond. Aventurine, (or quartz), is worn for good luck by gamblers and others seeking monetary success. While far from precious, this common and inexpensive stone is,nevertheless, both motivating and lucky. If you lean towards more precious gems, wear diamond. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, because they are so high in psychic, intuitive power. Geminis, the sign of duality, has a choice here. You might consider changing off wearing the Aventurine one day; the diamond, the next.One stone will help when you need grounding, one when you want to soar. Stones add a more than a touch of luck and intuition to Gemini.

Cancer: Moonstone, Pearl. Moonstone is a lucky love stone - but this wondrous light-giving stone can also bring you new contacts and business opportunities. Milky white and mysterious, moonstone is cosmic, like no other stone.  Water signs, like Cancer, respond to its mystery. Cancer will also gravitate towards pearls - the precious self-esteem enhancer. If you want to feel better, wear pearls. But take them off, if their luster diminishes, which means you have used up their energy. I see moonstone in your pocket and pearls around your neck. Wear now for cosmic energy and a boost in self-belief and self-esteem.

Leo: Amber. Topaz. The color gold is associated with Leo, and it is easy to see why - so much light surrounds Leo. While amber is not essentially a stone, it is considered a gem (just check out  the cost of amber jewelry). Amber has extraordinary powers - especially for enhancing energies and healing what ails you. On the other hand, topaz calms the fire in Leo. Wear topaz around your neck and on your finger, Although both amber and topaz enhance luck, Leo, please remain sensitive to when you need to wear the stones and when you need to take them off (for example, when you've gone from merely acting powerful to re-organizing the entire office seating chart without being asked).

Virgo: Carnelian, Sapphire. Carnelian will help you focus, motivate you and  turn your dreams into reality. Although not a gemstone (but an agate), Carnelian's deep, dark red-brown color has amazing protective properties. Wear sapphire for luck.  In ancient folklore, sapphires brought favor to their owners, and even today, if you ask a sapphire owner, s/he will tell you about their luck.  If you need to think seriously about a problem, sapphire is your philosopher's stone. Luck will come your way in the form of an answered question, answered in a most unorthodox way.

Libra: Lapis Lazuli. Turquoise. Lapis is the highest of the high gemstone when it comes to enhancing higher wisdom and inner vision. Wear it alone (not in combination with other stones) and wear it on a necklace or as a ring (but not earrings). Turquoise is calming,soothing and healing. It is also a stone of strength and beauty (witness its extensive use in Native American jewelry). Turquoise has power to make things happen - therefore lucky for those who wear it during an important job interview or first meeting (blind date).

Scorpio: Fire opal. This is Scorpio's energy stone - in particular, because Scorpio alone has the inner strength and power necessary to carry this high-energy, prophetic gemstone. The opal is also known  as the "cupid stone" which means it can be lucky in love and romance. Put your opal in your hand if you wish for love and think upon it. The fire opal is said to work wonders in the romance category. Just remember to respect the opal's power, and put it aside if you find yourself involved in a confrontation with someone. You don't want to unleash the power of negativity that opal can draw out of you.

Sagittarius: Amethyst.Sapphire. When you need sleep and sweet dreams, place an amethyst besides your bed. If you seek wisdom, an amethyst will reveal, in due time, answers to your most pressing questions. For good luck, wear the sapphire. Both stone colors are in the deep blue/purple color range - a hint that you will soon experience a prophetic dream or more than one. And you will say "wow" and honor your amethyst or sapphire touch stone.

Capricorn: Onyx. Zircon. Wear onyx for protection and to ward off negativity (especially at work). Onyx is hard and enduring - worthy ideals for you, right now. Onyx spells "power." You might not think so, but gemstone-quality zircons are relatively rare. Zircons reflect so much light -  and enhance and magnify good luck coming your way. Onyx (black), Zircon (crystal clear). With the help of these two stones, representing yin/yang, Capricorn canl meet all goals and overcome even the trickiest obstacles which may be ahead. Capricorn is the only sign I see where two stones can work so well together to bring about change and luck.

Aquarius: Aquamarine. Jet. The aquamarine, a lovely blue-green stone, bring calming, soothing effects of the ocean, reminding you that tides always ebb and flow - there is unseen harmony in the Universe. Aquarius, do not despair;  bide your time.  Jet is your personal lucky power stone. Since Jet is a one-person stone, It only belongs to you. It will protect and defend you and your space.  Jet brings security and a new opportunity, which, in your case, is good luck disguised. Jet is a grounding touch stone for airy Aquarius.

Pisces: Amethyst. Azurite. Because Pisces is highly intuitive and restless, especially when it comes to emotions, the amethyst enhances visions (and turns them into practical magic). It also soothes the weary Pisces soul. Azurite is lucky for Pisces, because this stone's energies harmonize Pisces variable moods, turning the downers into uppers and the uppers into the sky's the limit. What could be luckier? Pisces, believe it or not, you are on a good luck roll. If you don't own the stones, visit  a rock store. You can ask for the stones I mention, but you may also select one that "calls to you" from a pile or a bin. This will become your personal power stone; one to touch, hold onto and use in meditation.

Many great psychics in history, and energy workers, suggest the use of stones and crystals for healing and moving energy. Stones bring earth's energies into your life in a way you had not anticipated. They help you re-focus and get in touch with what you really want. This is the path that leads to luck and good fortune.

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Comments (4)

I always thought opal was my gemstone. I'm a Libra. Although I'm not much of a believer when it comes to gemstones, my mom is. So I have an opal ring. Sad to say I lost that when I was a kid. Today however I'm going to the jewelers to pick-up a ring my boyfriend designed for me.

Ranked #1 in Astrology

The gemstones I mentioned as psychic-intuitively selected to bring out the best in each Sun Sign. Yes, opal is the traditional stone, but some times we feel free to step outside tradition - Lapis/Turquoise are high energy stones....You have a nice boyfriend.

Oh it took a lot of hinting on my part. Kidding. He likes tinkering with designs. I picked out a blue opal though. Is it true that opals are bad luck?

Ranked #1 in Astrology

I love the idea of a blue opal - the recommended stones for you are both blue. Opals are only bad luck if you think so; the reverse is true, as well - give it some fire and it will work for you.