Astrology Anatomy: The Zodiac's 12 Sensitive Areas of the Body
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Astrology Anatomy: The Zodiac's 12 Sensitive Areas of the Body

Astrology can predict future events in your life, and that includes areas of health concern. Ancient (and some contemporary) Astrologers believe the Zodiac governs 12 specific areas of the body -- from the top (Aries and the head) to the bottom (Pisces and the foot).

Astrology can predict future events in your life, and that includes areas of health concern.  Ancient (and some contemporary) Astrologers believe the Zodiac governs 12 specific areas of the body -- from the top (Aries and the head) to the bottom (Pisces and the foot). The more contemporary Astrologers (from this Century, at least) also believe both the Ruling Signs, and their polar opposites, may equally affect the body in Sign-sensitive areas (Libras, for example, may find themselves with Aries headaches). Here's a summary of the parts of the body potentially affected by the Zodiac, with the area of health concern listed, first, then the ruling Sign and its direct opposite.

The head: Aries-Libra

The head often rules of the heart of quick-tempered, fast-acting Aries. If Aries is angry or agitated, a surge of adrenalin may result in a headache (noticeably, a tension headache). Aries also spend a great deal of time in his or her head, perhaps hoping to avoid a rush to judgment which often causes trouble. Libras (the opposite sign) may likewise find themselves subject to an Aries headache, although their placid temper is not the cause. The best thing for both (and all Signs) to do, when faced with a headache (especially one brought on by tension) is to count to ten, take a break, practice stress-reduction techniques and take a baby aspirin. If a headache continues to migraine status or can not be treated with over-the-counter meds, seek medical help.


The throat and glands: Taurus-Scorpio

If it seems like Taurus (and its opposite, Scorpio) catches a number of colds and similar viruses (such as sore throats or sinus problems), it may be the effect of the Zodiac and its influence on the body's throat and glands. The thyroid gland is particularly susceptible in Taurus and Scorpio, so if you find yourself suffering some sudden weight gain, lethargy, irregularity and poor circulation, you may be experiencing an under-active thyroid. An overactive thyroid is likely to cause heart palpitations, weight loss and inability to sleep. In any event, the thyroid gland is the body's thermostat, so it may be helpful to have this checked. Lemon, honey, Vitamin C and echinacea may help your colds and viruses. Always call the doctor if you see signs of an infection.

The lungs, nerves, arms and shoulders: Gemini-Sagittarius

Restless, always-on-the-go Gemini may go so fast she/he trips, falls, breaking an arm, shoulder or collarbone. This nervous energy makes Gemini a bit accident-prone, so keep this in mind (especially if you skateboard or ski!) Lung illness, like a severe cold or bronchitis may also affect Gemini, and its opposite, the more easy-going Sagittarius.  Since the Zodiac influences Gemini's nervous system you can always expect Gemini to have trouble relaxing. Being over-stressed can lead to any number of ailments, so Gemini best work off excess energy through exercise (swimming is a good bet). If your nervous system is constantly on high alert, and you seem more accident-prone than usual, you will know when it's time to call the doctor.


The heart, spine and back: Leo-Aquarius

The hard-driving Leo may be susceptible to heart problems in middle age, especially if no care is taken to exercise, watch diet and get adequate amounts of rest and sleep. Leo, the leader, undertakes many challenges and tasks that may take their toll on stress management. Stress may reflect itself in back aches, painful muscle spasms, and other problems related to feelings of "carrying the weight of the world on your back". Early on, Leo (and the opposite, Aquarius) should make sure not to over-indulge in substances that are unhealthy and to try to moderate their work and lifestyles. Again, a baby aspirin, taken every day, may offer some protection for the heart. Acupuncture or acupressure may also relieve back pain. As usual, you will know when it's time to call the doctor if you have any problems in these particular parts of your body that natural remedies can not relieve.

Stomach and Digestion: Moon Child/Cancer-Capricorn

Moon Child is the Zodiac's worry-wart, and sometimes anxiety and fears may upset the Moon Child's sensitive stomach and alimentary canal. Indigestion and ulcers may arise on account of Moon Child/Cancer's excessive worrying. Breast health should also be protected in a Moon Child (and its opposite, Capricorn) through regular screening and self-exam. Moon Child would do well to limit the amounts of highly-spiced foods and acid-producing coffee if digestion is a problem. Stress reduction is a must for Moon Child/ Cancer (and its opposite, the hard-driving Capricorn). Like any of the other problems areas of the body, if your stomach is over-reacting to your nerves, you will know when it is appropriate to consult your doctor for help.

Kidneys: Libra-Aries

The delicate nature of the Libra demands balance, so any disturbance in lifestyle, relationships or finances is likely to upset Libra's body. In the extreme, the upset can lead to a kidney problem (perhaps an infection or stones), so drinking plenty of water is mandatory for Libra, particularly during a troubled time. The same can be said for the polar opposite, Aries, who must guard against too much anxiety and stress potentially leading to a kidney problem. Libra should make sure to get plenty of exercise, eat healthy, and grab the necessary amount of sleep to try to re-balance his/her system. Those with serious issues relating to their kidneys, should consult their physicians.

Nervous System and Intestines: Virgo-Pisces

Virgos have similar tendencies to Moon Child/Cancer when it comes to digestion and stomach problems. Here, too much worry leads to an overactive nervous system which may cause indigestion and bowel problems. A balanced diet is necessary to combat the affects of nervous tension on digestion - limiting spices, and fried foods. Many Virgos improve on a vegetarian diet. Given Virgo's interest in gardening and organic foods, this makes sense. Cleansing the body through a brief fast may be in order, but so is stress-management. Daily meditation, creative projects and exercise will also go a long way towards helping Virgo (and the opposite Pisces) relax. If a change in diet does not ease your digestion problems, seek medical attention.

Sexuality: Scorpio-Taurus

It may come as no surprise that the Zodiac affects the sexual organs and sexuality of Scorpio (and its opposite, Taurus). Scorpio's magnetic power is, in part, based on the Sign's powerful magnet of sexual attraction. This often overt sexuality may lead to forms of disease or dysfunction or even to sexual addiction. Scorpio would do well to become more moderate in terms of choosing partners in order to protect and preserve his/her health and to guard against future health problems in this area. Seek a doctor's help if you are experiencing illness or pain or an inability to enjoy your relationships. It may be mind over matter, or in your case, matter over mind.


Liver, hips, thighs: Sagittarius-Gemini

Sagittarius is one of the most active Signs in the Zodiac - in terms of mental and physical skills and talents. Sag (and the polar opposite, Gemini) needs to keep working off nervous energy in order to recharge. This means taking breaks from over-work by exercising - by whichever means is most appealing - from jumping rope to biking to weight-lifting to Tai Chi. Sag must get off the couch and away from the fridge, because an under-active Sag is likely to put on weight - especially in the hip and thigh area. Over-indulgence in food and drink are harmful to Sag's liver. Too much alcohol can cause irreversible damage to this organ, which is highly sensitive in a Sagittarius Sign. Moderation in all things might be a good mantra for Sag-Gemini. Be alert to the warning signs of liver problems (jaundice and lack of appetite, for example) and see a doctor, if these symptoms occur.

Knees, bones, teeth: Capricorn-Moon Child/Cancer

It must be all that goal-climbing and hard-driving personality of the Capricorn personality (and its polar opposite) that leads to aches and pains in knees and other joints. Capricorn is more susceptible to wear and tear on bones and joints than other Signs.  Similarly, stress can lead to teeth grinding and poor eating habits may cause teeth decay and other problems. Arthritis or rheumatism might appear, with age, in this Sign. Health eating, a stress-reduction program and attention to joint-saving exercise may be in order here.

Circulation: Aquarius-Leo

Those with strong Aquarius (and opposite, Leo) in their charts would do well to make certain their circulation is at peak performance. Exercise keeps blood circulating, so Aquarius would be wise to insure regular aerobic work-outs. As they age, Aquarius is susceptible to hardening of the arteries and varicose veins, so proper attention to the heart and a healthy diet are also important. Because this Sign also rules the shins and ankles, you pay see problems (breaks or fractures) in these areas - particularly if you are a runner or competitive athlete. Cold weather may affect Aquarius more than most signs; remember to prepare for if you live in the blizzard belt (mittens and hand-warmers, for example).  You will know when it is appropriate to see medical help for circulation problems (legs falling asleep, numbness, etc).

The Feet: Pisces-Virgo

Improperly fitted shoes may bring a world of pain to Pisces, whose sensitive feet are the key to his/her health. Feet problems may range from planter's warts to broken toes, but they bring much misery to Pisces, who, as the Sign relates, would often rather swim than walk. Pisces (and the opposite, Virgo) also often have problems taking medicine; many have allergies or adverse affects. Pisces would be will-advised to consult holistic or natural methods of healing for aches and pains, unless they become unbearable (and then, a doctor must be called).

There are many great "earth" shoes on the market that may be best for the Pisces foot. This is a general guide to traditional Astrology's view about the Zodiac and the body. It is by no means set in stone - but offers perspective on the body and its relation to the planets and the cosmos. It offers a guide to identifying the potential weak areas in your body, and to taking steps to protect them. With so much uncertainty in the world today, many people are suffering from stress and anxiety. We may witness an overall increase in headaches and digestion problems, regardless of Zodiac Ruling signs. As always, remember Astrology is a travel guide, not a road map.

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Comments (4)

"Astrology is a travel guide, not a road map." I like that quote. You are an expert in Astrology like I have never seen. Your sensible way of using it as a guide to walk through a very comprehensive list of health concerns really drew me in. I can't put Astrology in the same category as palm reading because of Daniel the prophet and the wise men that visited the baby Jesus. I'll be reading you often to learn more!

Ranked #1 in Astrology

And likewise, Kevin! Thank you very much for your kindness and the truths you write about in your articles-- As you know, the Ancients followed the path of the stars and the planets --the Chaldeians, the Mayans, the Egyptians...Some people call Astrology "new age" but it is actually quite the opposite. It is privilege to follow in the path of interpreting....

Ranked #21 in Astrology

Excellent! I like how you delved deeper into the polar signs, and how we integrally connect to one another. You know, you also feel the affects of Rising and Moon signs, so I get those Aries headaches too, haha! ~S.S.

Ranked #1 in Astrology

TY Svetlana for your comments. I think my current headache is now getting better since I've heard from you. Cheers!