Astrology: How to Find Your Own Moon Sign
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Astrology: How to Find Your Own Moon Sign

Learn how to find your moon sign. You moon sign could be more important than your sun sign.

Why is your moon sign important?

In Vedic or Hindu beliefs, your moon sign can be more important then your sun sign. The moon changes more rapidly than the sun so you have to recalculate your moon sign more often.

Your moon sign along with someone else’s moon sign can also show you if you are compatible with that person since moon signs are about emotions. Your moon sign will tell you about your emotions and your inner personality, your inner self, as opposed to your sun sign which is more you conscience self

Your moon sign is of course different from your sun sign, which means you would have two different horoscopes per day, which could be useful if one was rather confusing.

Or like my signs, I just checked my sun sign horoscope and my moon sign horoscope and they both were similar, possibly confirming my horoscopes for today.

What information you will need to calculate your own moon sign.

To get your moon sign you will need your birth date and also the time you were born, with some moon sign calculators, you will need to calculate your time of birth in 24 hours instead of the normal 12 hour clock we are used to.

If you were born between noon and midnight, you would add 12 to the normal time.

For example, if you were born at 7:28 PM in the evening, you would add 12 to the 7 and your time of birth would be 19 hours and 28 minutes, 19:28 hours.

You do not add 12 if you were between midnight and noon.

If you don’t know, your birth certificate or some document like that will have the exact time you were born.

With this information you can find your moon sign at any given time and also get the horoscope for you and your moon sign.

If you have this information for say a friend, you can get their moon sign as well and see if you are compatible with that person. Where to get your own moon sign calculations:

Here is a web site that will calculate your moon sign for you: Moons Sign Calculator.

Sam Montana © 13 November 2000

Article picture by Isis Alexandre/wikimedia

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Comments (11)

V. interesting, Sam. I was told years ago that my moon sign was Leo and have read Leo and Capricorn ever since. I often found Leo more relevant but had no idea that it might change. LOL.

Ranked #8 in Astrology

I am afraid to read my horoscope. If its bad I will worry all day.

Sometimes I read horoscope for curiousity. thanks for the link.

Astrologer in Delhi

I am heartly thankful to you for giving mind glowing concept for calculating their moon shine and know their future.This is really fantastic

Ranked #27 in Astrology

Hi Sam - useful article - takes me back to the days when I was studying to qualify for the London Faculty exams - no computers in those days, and using an Ephemeris always gave me a "hands-on" touch with reality dealing with clients.

Good info

shruti kavitha


This was fun. I learned that I was born under the waxing Moon Sign Scorpio at angle of: 47°. The description of someone born at this time was so accurate, it was scary. LOL My flower remedy was the rock rose. I researched and found out that "In the Victorian language of flowers the gum cistus of the Cistaceae plant family symbolized imminent death. Literally, "I shall die tomorrow." Yikes!

Sam, this is really a great piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

Ranked #8 in Astrology

Thank you Martin. It is interesting for me to look back at this article, since it was the first one I wrote on here. A long time ago.

My sun sign and my corresponding moon sign are the same.