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Well, dear friend, I do not know any astrologer or astrologer/psychic willing to go out out on a limb and predict conception, that is, pregnancy based on the stars and the Zodiac...Your request did not include your sign, which might have helped me answer  - not about your conceiving, but in terms of advising you about what you could do, Sun Sign-wise,  to make it easier - if easier is what you want. Without your sign, I am having to visualize the real concern underneath your question. And I would say you are anxious.

Most astologers and or psychics, worth their weight in salt or gold or lettuce, for that matter, will not predict or interpret life and/or death matters. In this case, a life matter - birth. I know there are astrologers who can create a chart that might inform you about optimal times for conception - but a thermometer can do that also (and save you a rather tidy sum of money over the cost of a detailed chart). Given that I don't know your sign, I will say that excessive worry, fretting and anxiety isn't going to help you conceive.

And you don't need an astologer or a psychic to advise you to relax and stay optimistic, both  excellent conception aids. Since I have no Sun Sign to read, I am going to tell you a story. I once knew a woman who was told she could never have children. She had severe problems with her period, and was slimmer than a rail. She was also famous, which meant she led a pressure-cooker life. But she wanted a child more than anything - more than a new television contract or an offer to write a book.

She consulted all the right doctors and went through a lot of tests (this was in the 1960s - before many scientific advances). The doctors and the tests all said the same thing: She could not conceive. But she just refused to believe it. She tried for 7 years. One New Year's Eve, she saw a shooting star and wished on it, and, of course, she became pregnant that night. She had a lovely, healthy baby girl - against all odds (and after only gaining 5 pounds) . She always believed that her wish to have a child had come true that night, as the star shot across the sky -- and so it did. The lesson in this story - ESP and horoscopes only take you so far. You've got to go the rest of the way your self. Believe.

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Comments (4)

Thank you PsychicChic! I'm a Capricorn, born December 28. Does that help with the reading?

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Yes, Ms. Capricorn. It definitely helps to know your Sun sign, because I know of few other signs that are as determined and capable as Capricorns. When it comes to goals, Capricorns aim for the peaks,and do not mind the sometimes challenging climb up, among the valleys.You are also an excellent researcher. You need facts at hand, and you probably already have a stack, or many stacks of materials about conception and pregnancy. So when and if you desire to become pregnant, you will have consulted many books (and perhaps some doctors, as well as astrologer/psychics) to speed you on your way. Please promise to stay healthy - eating right, taking your vitamins, and drinking lots of water.Some Capricorns tend to veer off the edge of the mountain trail, when things get tough, by indulging in bad (unhealthy) habits. Forget about that - and stick to what's good for you and your body. Like I said before, Believe.

Astrologer in Delhi
Astrologer in Delhi

As per you have written pregnancy based on the stars and the Zodiac…I am fully satisfied with this.If we saw our past when medical science is not on the top at that time the problem of not getting pregnancy was solved only by changing their stars.we should make our faith on astrology.