Haunted Puget Sound Metal Hospital
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Haunted Puget Sound Metal Hospital

The reported haunted activity that is within the walls of the old mental hospital.

The Puget Sound Mental Hospital, is an enormous facility for the mentally disturbed (is also a drug and alcohol rehab). Parts of this 8-story complex are no longer in use. Half of the facility lies in darkness and is used for

storage or is closed off because it is "unsafe". All of the buildings of this facility are highly haunted. Most of the staff there are willing to tell you the tales of the many ghostly personalities that reside there.

The hospital was originally built in 1926, and has a precarious history. Some say the very first experimental lobotomies were performed here, which would have undoubtedly had irrevocable adverse affects on the unfortunate patients that underwent such tentative trials.

Like with most mental hospitals that are known to be haunted, the spirits that roam here are those of the mistreated, the neglected and the overcrowded detainees who suffered, and many which died, within the walls of the hospital. The fact that at least some of them were truly deranged to begin with doesn’t help matter as they return in the afterlife to walk the halls of the asylum.

The most famous ghost of Puget Sound Mental Hospital is that of an elderly lady who haunts the 4th floor, now closed off from the operational section of the institution. She manifests traversing the hall with her walker, and sometimes when she is not spectrally visible, her walker can still be heard scraping across the floor.

People have reported strange noises and and whispers that will echo throughout the stairwell. Footsteps are heard from areas in which no one is present, coming down the hall as if they are just about to turn the corner, but right before,the steps halt and no one is there. This is the kind of thing staff members have reported while working in what they claim to be the irrefutably haunted Puget Sound Mental Hospital.

It’s not hard to believe that the mental institution is haunted, considering its long and shady past. Tacoma, Washington is not the only city in the Unites States to lay claim to a haunted, century old mental asylum. Places like these are a hub for negative energy, gathered and compounded by the restless souls of disturbed and forsaken patients.

This place is a very active paranormal spot but be warned that the hospital is always watched and is off limits to paranormal investigators without receiving proper admittance from the institution.

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