How the Moon Effects Our Moods - Astrologically & Scientifically Speaking
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How the Moon Effects Our Moods - Astrologically & Scientifically Speaking

The influence of the moon on people's emotions Astrologically speaking is a very strong one. If the moon controls the tides, why would it not control us. We are made of water and salt as are the tides.

The moon rules Cancer, the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac.  I have experienced effects from that this heavenly body that controls the tides here on Earth.  It is a contributor to our personality and the way we react to situations on a daily basis.  The position the moon was in at your birth explains your emotional side in a detailed manner.  Feelings inside the deepest recesses of our souls are found in the moon's house of your natal chart.  It controls our instinctual reaction and what we decide to do next subconsciously.  Your basic human reactions are rooted in habit and driven by the moon.  The moon has a very infulential effect on those born under the water signs: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. For instance, I am a water sign, my child is a water sign, and my ex husband, you guessed it, a water sign.  We all all living exhibits of each of the water signs.  It was absolute emotional Bipolar insanity as we all have mood disorders, some wonder, huh?  We are innately emotional and our attitudes have much to do with the moon. The moon is pure, feminine energy. It pertains to your softer, more emotional side even if you are male.  If you are born in the feminine signs; Taurus, Cancer, Virgo Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces; it is going to really have an influence on you even more.   It gets tricky if you are not an adept Astrologer due to the fact that one would really need to locate their moon sign and have that interpreted within your Natal Chart to find out if this matter particularly is going to affect you. 

To show skeptics and the inexperienced in this matter that Astrology does have some merit, and has been though to be a valid science by a great number of people for thousands of years, let me site some examples. 

The moon controls the tides. Our bodies are made up of water, the vast majority or our body actually, 55 - 60 percent of our bodies contain the element water! Males have 55 percent water mass and females, have 60 percent water mass.  I'm sure it fluctuates from person to person.  Now, biologically, its not just prejudices that tell us females have a higher threshold of emotion.  This is not everybody, there are always anomalies, but does this have some correlation to the moon and it controlling some of our bodily processes?  I believe so.

I certainly suggest as an experiment for you to  watch the moon and see what its doing especially if you are a water sign, but I know many earth, fire, and air signs who are also affected. We are all human and we are all made up of mostly water, and we are also made up of another element found in the ocean, salt!

Another interesting fact, Bipolar Disorder is often successfully treated with the drug, Lithium, right. Its been very effective and doctors and scientists DO NOT KNOW WHY! Its really simple. Lithium is a salt found in the periodic table, it is not even a pharmaceutical. Its absolutely no surprise that it regulates emotion and the way one feels. I suspect one of the major differences between table salt and Lithium is its ability to remain in the proper recesses of the brain where chemical activity takes place and affecting those systems positively. Although beyond crass, and without question, politically correct, they did not call the mentally ill, lunatics years ago for no reason. Psychiatric treatment  hospitals are chock filled with patients during a full moon.

If anybody tries to tell you that the moon's fullness is unrelated to how you feel or act, think again. Ask anybody who works at a psychological practice, hospital, or who is highly emotional. They will tell you.  I would like you to question yourself if you are female and have ever had a menstrual period during a full moon. How did you feel on that day, pretty unpleasant, I would tend to deduce.  I know a few women who actually chart the way this affects their cycle. Why would you not, women try to work with their biological baby clocks and fertility using moon cycles, and you know what?  It works!

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Comments (6)

The moon must not have been on my side yesterday, I was really crabby. Very interesting article.

Ranked #3 in Astrology

Lol, we all have our days! When its a full moon it affects us all, but at other times, it just depends on where your other planets are in aspect to your moon.

Then its really true. I thought its only a joke when someone is in the bad mood and an acquaintance would say.... 'its full moon' :P Good to know, thanks.

Ranked #3 in Astrology

I believe it is, and I feel that it really is based on science. Some things the ancients thought were true, because they had seen it, I think really are. Cool huh?

Nice work Amy, I believe I've run out of your work to vote up until you write something new :-)

Ranked #3 in Astrology

Thanks, Kimberly! I'm working on it, haha!