How to Avoid Being Ripped off by an Online Psychic
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How to Avoid Being Ripped off by an Online Psychic

How to avoid psychic fraud? Finding genuine psychics online.

Today there are many psychics online promoting their services. Many of them might be genuine, well meaning spiritually gifted people.

Still there are some frauds on the net that are not really out to help you on your life's path, but to rip you off. Yes, some might plunder your bank account, promising you wealth.

You can easily avoid getting scammed, if you consider certain things.

First of all: why would a psychic need your bank account information? Yes, you can give him or her permission to take money from it. But why should you do that? Isn't it more logical that you should know the bank account of the psychic and pay him or her directly on it?

Be aware when too much info is required.

Many "free" psychics are obscure companies based in Asian countries that send surveys to people, promising them a free reading. Saying you are getting a psychic reading on a subject that matters you, is easy to find out what concerns a person.

This way you might give away a lot on your health information, home situation, finances and things that spam companies might find very useful.

Some mediums do send you a full reading on hard copy by post and a gift, but they have the documents to start taking money from your bank account behind your back.

A known example is the French Madame Soleil, who keeps sending letters that bring good luck, if you pay certain amounts, even to clients that are dead.

Those people do give genuine psychics a bad reputation. Also is there a new trend of free readings that are usually performed by software. Do consider that these computer generated free consults are not real psychic readers, but just funny novelties, that most likely pay the website owner by view.

Real psychics do need to make a living and will charge for their services. How much depends on the name and the reputation of the person you consult. Keep in mind that a very expensive psychic with a huge reputation might not always be better than a less charging novice.

There are also genuine people who do offer a free sample reading. Keep in mind that real psychics, numerologist or astrologers do not spam you and demand you to buy a reading afterward.

Some do if you order a free reading. Those might be skilled people, but if they do not stop bulking your mailbox before you order a paid reading, you may start questioning their ethics and intentions.

Best thing to do before consulting somebody for money, is to check a person's reputation. Keep in mind that you have skeptics that will never write a good word on a psychic and will bash this person down as a fraud, before even consulting them themselves. Some just like to fill their blog with slander for views.

So you will find negative comments on all psychics. But when you find nothing but warnings on somebody, you may consider that this person is a real fraud, instead of a spiritually gifted person.

Also keep in mind that many genuine psychics do not demand fortunes for their services. If you are offered a free reading and you are happy, you might consider to buy more, but do not give in to offering too much data.

Keep in mind: you are dealing with a psychic. He or she should give the answer and not you.

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Great points in this article

Ranked #27 in Astrology

Nice one Martine - as a Professional Astrologer myself, I like your approach - keep it up!