How to Capture a Ghost
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How to Capture a Ghost

How to get a ghost to talk to you. I would like the article I have written here to be a draw for all ghosts to leave their prints and maybe a friendly growÂ…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…

In the field of the paranormal, equipment that is useful in capturing living or sensient beings are really irrelevant. You must understand the world of spiritual entities exists not as an extension of living human or other entities existence but in a time and space of its own.

Some people who are captilizing on paranormal activity by deliberately imitating sounds and flashes of paranormal contact are really beyond the scope of shallow and pretentious. They are attempting to use paranormal activity to threaten or to intimidate living people with living people imitating paranormal activity.

Paranormal activity does not in any way have anything to do with UFO activity or with the world of the living attempting to make a living from both UFO and the paranormal. Paranormal activity or the presence of in Fruedian terms the superego hovering in its latest physical arena and maintaining the aura of its latest physical manifestation is from many religions and philosophies a real and problematic situation.

A seeker into physical proof as shown on film and on tape recordings could use Polaroid film and keep a professional spy tape recorder going for 24 hours a day and come up with very little. Some seekers use mirrors and attempt to catch a paranormal manifestation looking in the same mirror. Of course, even if you were to quickly snap the picture of yourself in the mirror with the paranormal manifestation visible to you, at any rate, in it, you might find that it develops with only a nice picture of you in it.

Essential equipment for the ghost hunter is a relic of the ghost that you are seeking to see. Obviously, you aren’t likely to do anything more with a ghost that see it. A ghost will claim something that was personal to him while living.

A really strange way of capturing a ghost and making it talk audibly really is to take its presence while being conjured by a psychic and seal it even in an email. Religious artififacts are great at conjuring spirits, but to make that spirit perform in the physical realm from the supernatural one is to seal it and to open it only when you really don’t want to keep that ghost in your power any longer.

Essential equipment for the ghost hunter is a polaroid camera, a high powered tape recorder, and a computer.  What I have done that can be replicated is to sit in front of my computer with a polaroid camera, and a tape recorder that can record sounds inaudible to most human ears but are much like short wave radio signals that require a receiver to be picked up.  I have gone to certain emails that might be possible viral threats and have taken a picture of the email and started the recording.  The results are bizarre and only the self motivated ghost hunter who will try to catch a ghost himself will comprehend the extent of the paranormal potential. 

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Comments (2)
Ranked #7 in Astrology

Great article, but as a psychic I have noticed that when you really want to capture a ghost, it will not work. It seems like they wish to catch you by surprise as well. Still I love to read ghost hunting experiences, since they also fascinate me.

Great article, very interesting. I will keep this check list of equipment because I would love to catch a ghost, just so I can say if they are real or not!