How To Check If A Psychic Is Genuine: Three Things to Keep in Mind During Consultation
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How To Check If A Psychic Is Genuine: Three Things to Keep in Mind During Consultation

Today there are many psychics offering their services to the public, on line, by phone or face to face. TV shows as "The Sixth Sense" make it clear it is a money making business to read the mind of others, communicate with the dead or predict the future, but how genuine are these people and how can you determine a fraud.

When consulting a psychic the best thing to do, is to mind yourself. Often they ask you detailed explanation of the problem. The more details the more accurate they can read you. It makes sense, doesn't? Most likely they will tell you things, you told them subconsciously.

Better is not to give to much details. Bite your tongue. The psychic must come up with the answers, not you. Actually you should never give more than your name and birthday and maybe what area you are asking upon. More than this a psychic should not hear from you. Best is to keep a pokerface, if possible.

Mind you, when the psychic starts asking you questions. When you get the impression this person is getting nervous and not getting anywhere with your pokerface, let the alarm bell ring. In that case you are not consulting a psychic, but a good cold reader, who might get the answers from you, while you are unware you are giving them.

Most of those people might mean well and might even think themselves they are psychics, but still be aware there are courses out there in mind reading and how you can fool people, thinking you are in their mind.

So never tell to much about yourself and keep a neutral pose. Real psychics, although not scientifically proved, might see through your pose and read you as an open book. In that case, this person might be genuine.

A second thing to look at, is the price. Even genuine psychics have to make a living and will charge you for their services, but be aware when they charge you 100 dollar and even more an hour. This is really exuberant and people charging this amounts, will most likely not be interested in solving your financial problems.

Also be aware when phone psychics take a lot of time to connect with the other side. Some might just be lifting up your phone bill, while doing something else and make money on your naivety. When a psychic takes more than 2 minutes to connect, best is just to hang up, since he or she is most likely not going to connect at all, while you are paying for nothing.

When a psychic phone consult takes longer than 15 minutes, please hang up, you are being ripped off.

Sometimes free or cheap readings can be more accurate than real expansive ones. Most genuine psychics have day jobs and will most likely make an extra income on their services, but pay the bills with their other job.

Third thing to mind are supernatural things happening. If for example tables move during a sceance, or things appear written on paper as a message from the other side, be aware you are surely getting a great show, but not a genuine consultation.

The psychic is surely not alone in the house. He or she has an assistant, hidden under the table and controlling the mechanism. In a normal sceance a psychic will make sure all are protected and no objects will move unnatural.

Keep in mind there are dangers to the supernatural and most real psychics really do not like spirits moving their furniture around, surely not when others can get hurt as well.

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