How to Control the Empathic Link
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How to Control the Empathic Link

Linking is a natural ability that Empaths possess and without the conscious effort of disciplining and control the ability, it can go unchecked and reek havoc on the Empath and the Callers lives.

Many Empaths find that much of their Path towards becoming a skilled Empathic Healer is wrought with years of study in order to attain more abilities to help them heal those that call on them to be healed. The Linking ability is not one of the abilities you have to learn how to do, it is completely natural and only needs to be disciplined to become and easy and proper tool for healing. In fact, it is better for the health of the Empath and those who come into their lives if they learn how to control the link, as if they don't, it will go unchecked in their lives and they won't be able to find much peace from those that they link from.

Now, as we go through the process of opening and closing the Link System, it is important to understand that no walls or physical barriers can stop the link from connecting. There are a few conscious barriers that can be created, including shielding, but in general, most people are not consciously aware and there is usually no need to worry about a link from an Empath.

How to Open the Empathic Link

1) Take the time to Ground and Center yourself and Balance your own Chakras

2) Meditate for at least 10 minutes and clear your mind, Get rid of your own stress, negative energy and bring balance to yourself.

3) Picture the person you would like to link to, whether they are next to you or a hundred miles away. Picture them and let the vision come naturally into your mind.

4) Visualize their Solar Plexus, or if it's easier, picture their stomach area around the naval (belly button). This is where you will link to. In this area they have a golden yellow spinning center of energy, if it is darker or black, this shows they are in need of healing in their Solar Plexus as well as other connected areas, so be conscious that you might take some of that in if you continue to link to them.

5) Now visualize your own naval area and your own Golden spinning energy center that is your Solar Plexus. It's almost like your own personal Sun. Picture it glowing very radiantly, picture it not growing, but extending from your center to theirs as a golden beam of light.

Now, don't be to concerned if you cannot fully visualize it's connection at first. This is just your conscious mind doubting the ability because when we are not in the practice of doing this, it feels unusual and unexplained. The link can generally be opened while talking to any person who seems to open up to us, you might notice this to be strange only in the company of strangers. Just about anytime you feel your focus shift to a person and you feel yourself wanting to be empathic to them, this is a time when the Link has naturally opened.

How to Close the Empathic Link

1) Ground, Center and Balance your Chakras

2) Meditate to clear your mind and clear yourself of negative energy

3) While in meditation, visual the link that you have with another person. This can be a suspected link as well, and you should follow your intuition. If you feel you have absent mindedly linked to someone, it is likely that you have. Picture the golden beam of link coming from your Solar Plexus to theirs and visualize what it looks like. If you notice any dark matter or black energy around it, take the time to send that energy away to nature to be recycled and taken where it is needed, then bring in positive energy to balance it. This will prevent you from sling shooting any negative energy into yourself or the person you have linked to.

4) Picture the shinning golden beam of light that connects the two of you and in the time it takes for you to blink, picture the link shattering into thousands of tiny golden pieces. It much resembles pixie dust and should dissolve easily. If you have pictured this happening in your mind, then the link is closed. If you cannot urge your mind to see this happening, then try until you can. It is likely an imprint or the conscious feeling of not wanting to let go of the connection that stops us from closing it.

You can also try to visualize other ways of closing the link, try many if this suggested practice does not work. Go with what works for you.

Take the time to experiment with your Linking system. The more you practice opening and closing it, the more skilled you can become in how to use the link and how to effectively close it. In future articles we will cover the process of effectively using the link as well as the symptoms of a link left open, since they are large sub sections that would take to long to cover in this one article.

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I googled empathic link and the only thing that comes up is a game. Does S.T.O.N.E.R. have anything to do with this and is this your original idea? Empathic link is in this game