How to Live, Love and Work with a Taurus
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How to Live, Love and Work with a Taurus

What you see is generally what you get with a Taurus. Ironically, there is no bull about them.

So you have a Taurus (April 21- May 21) in your life. As you are about to find out (if you haven't already), once this Sign of the Bull enters your arena, you are likely to face an interesting challenge:  how to grab the bull by its horns. You see, Taurus knows his/her way around the barn yard (and the barn) and is not beyond telling you to your face what's what. (Much better than talking behind your back, as some people will do, of course). But Taurus commands attention - and that means yours. So snap to it! And let the bull do what the bull does best - take control. What you see is generally what you get with a Taurus. Besides, there is very little likelihood you could ever get your hands on Taurus' horns.

Once a Taurus makes his or her mark on your territory (be it love, work or home-related), Taurus will stay put. Taurus does not fall or follow easily, so if you have met Taurus' high standards (honesty, practicality, stability, great potential), you have won yourself a friend/lover for life. If you are the insecure type, Taurus will make you feel valued and appreciated -  in the beginning. After a period of time, Taurus is just as likely to wander off to explore another endeavor that puts him or her front and center,knowing  full-well you already know you're committed. However, you best not have a wandering eye. There is absolutely no room for flirting with someone else in a Taurus love affair. Taurus sees red if and when this happens!  Despite the Taurus tendency to be possessive, when it comes to romance, no one ever accused a Taurus of being mushy-gushy. If you are the hearts & flowers type, you might want to consider the romantic pros and cons of your life with Taurus. Poetry and violin music is not part of a Taurus repertoire, even though Taurus is highly sensitive. However, if you hitch your wagon to the Taurus star, you are likely told find yourself a passenger on the straight-talkin' express.  No loud music necessary nor desired.

This is not to say Taurus isn't passionate and demonstrative. On the contrary, love-making with Taurus is an experience you are unlikely to forget.  Nor will Taurus let you forget. Not only is Taurus extremely sensitive to touch, Taurus has a deep and enduring memory. Taurus also is a fan of the  luxurious good life, and is not above or beyond letting friends and neighbors ogle the new car, the expansion on his/her  home, or photos and details of the latest trip abroad. There is nothing shy about Taurus when it comes to displaying good times and good things.

As for work, Taurus is practical and grounded (like the earth sign represented), a great employee who will put his or her nose to the grindstone and grind away, if need be. Taurus is loyal, hard-working and reliable. (Go to the Head of the Class, Taurus!). Taurus is strong, with a great deal of endurance. If you have need someone to work over-time or odd hours to get a job done, Taurus is your wo(man). As your boss, Taurus will accept nothing less than discipline, focus and productivity from you. Taurus is generally no-nonsense when it comes to work environment, so if you have a tendency towards practical jokes, your final work joke is likely to be on you. However, if you work hard at your task and perform, Taurus is the kind of boss who will likely reward you with a raise or a bonus for a job well done. But the job must be very well done, indeed.  As a partner, Taurus may prove stubborn and formidable when it comes to making joint decisions. You might want to check this out on a trial-run basis, especially  if your resolve is weaker than your voice. Taurus has been known to run over s/he who stands in the way. Just ask a Toreador.

Some people have a tendency to shy away from relationships with Taurus. If someone makes a hesitant remark about Taurus, I always direct them to Ferdinand, the Bull, the great 1938 Walt Disney cartoon. The story of Ferdinand, who followed his heart, showed that just because you're a bull, you don't have to act like one. That says a lot about the Taurus in your life. Beneath the gruff, no nonsense exterior, beats a sensitive, warm and caring heart.

In sum, any relationship with a Taurus is likely to be challenging. But, truth be told, what's life without a few challenges? 

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nope, but quite a few accountants and psychologists (the no-nonsense variety) or so I have been told ---- cheers, and for the correct plural, I shall consult a Toreodor. - SY