How to Live, Love and Work with an Aries
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How to Live, Love and Work with an Aries

Astrology advice about how to get along with an Aries at work and at play

So you've fallen in love with an Aries (March 22 -April 20). Or you've chosen to work with or for this fiery Sign of the Ram. Whatever your relationship with an Aries, be prepared for some fireworks (even before and after July 4th rolls around).

One thing for certain: If there's an Aries in your life, you will never be bored. Aries' personality is constantly looking for new ways to stir the pot and make life more interesting. Let's use a food analogy. If your pot holds a classic chicken broth, the Fire Sign, Aries, will want to remake it,  adding unexpected spices or herbs, more garlic, onions, noodles or dumplings to the soup. Before the basic chicken stock comes to a boil, Aries will be pouring over cookbooks or gazing at the internet, looking for ways to spice it up and make a plain chicken soup "dance". For example, Aries might decide to make a Czech chicken soup, kuÅ™ecí polévka s nudlemi, or perhaps an Italian chicken soup, stracciatella. Two things you can count on when Aries cooks: extra spice, and a dish served steaming hot. That's an Aries for you. Creative, inventive, dramatic. Hot!

The creative soup analogy works for the bedroom too. Romantic Aries is one of the most passionately inventive Signs when it comes to love-making and romancing. S/he is the sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of lover. You may find yourself entranced even before you get to the point in the conversation where you exchange your Astrological Signs. If your s/he says, "I'm an Aries," get ready for a whole lot of court & sparks goin' on. Once again, just as in the kitchen, your Aries lover will be creative, inventive and taking charge. It certainly helps if you don't mind being a bit passive to Aries' aggressive (but tender) moves Like every relationship involving Aries, Aries bores easily. So your power dynamics are likely to change from one week to the next. One week, Aries will want to control what's going on between you; the next week, s/he wants you to be in charge. The change and the challenge makes romance more interesting to Aries. If you should squabble with Aries, expect Aries to be loud and passionate about how you've offended him or her. Aries will likely throw some sort of temper tantrum that could involve door-slamming, but almost as soon as the door is slammed, Aries will have calmed down and want back in. Aries gets mad easily, but doesn't stay mad, and that's important to remember when you're in love.

I wouldn't worry too much, in the beginning, about the compatibility of your Sun Sign with Aries. If you've had your Chart read, and your Moon Sign happens to be Aries, well, you may be in for the storied romance of your life: Chapter and verse.  There is a theory (well-tested by none less than the great psychiatrist Carl Jung) that successful relationships consist of a common sign between partners: one in the Sun, one in the Moon. I don't believe this works in every relationship, because there's a whole lot more going on in any chart besides the Sun and the Moon.  The theory makes a certain sense, but it is Not definitive. However,  I am a strong believer in definite Archetypes among all the Signs. And Aries has one deeply chiseled Aries profile.  If you don't feel like giving in to Aries' strong, determined nature (say you're a Capricorn or a Scorpio), as Dionne Warwick once sang, "Walk on by." On the alternative, the challenge of two strong Signs duking it out may be just the romantic ticket you've been seeking.

As for partnerships and working, Aries makes a great boss and/or co-worker, so long as you don't cross him or her or challenge the powers that be if they be Aries'. Aries hates to be challenged in public, so if you have a problem, take it up privately. That should win you some friendship and influence points  (and lest you think otherwise, Aries always counts points). On the negative side, Aries can be vengeful and isn't above or below vindictiveness. So put away your knives and don't be tempted to mess with Aries' back (or front). If you do, expect to have to count your teeth when it's over. If Aries is a valued employee, be sure to give him or her some freedom and space. Aries dislikes restriction and rules that belittle or don't make sense. If Aries truly needs the work, s/he is likely to swallow pride and follow the rules (but just barely). Aries is likely to believe s/he can change the rules, if and when the time comes. Aries is often one of the best workers to have on a team. Not only is Aries one of the most pioneering and inventive workers, s/he is also one of the most fearless. Aries will always think outside the box, because for Aries, boxes don't exist. Using the chicken soup analogy once again, if Aries were in charge of marketing the delicious dancing chicken soup, you could expect creative, inventive and attention-getting adverts and commercials. Pow! Aries always makes a splash - and the bigger the better.

In sum, any relationship that involves Aries is likely to be exciting, dynamic, challenging, dramatic, and most of all, never boring.

For more information:  For recipes on Czech or Italian chicken soups, google them. To reminisce,  Pandora Dionne Warwick's "Walk on By"(1963) and Joni Mitchell's  "Court and Spark" (1974). Details about Jung and astrology, widely available on the internet.                                 .

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Comments (5)
Ranked #1 in Astrology

grazie, clairsie!

Well thankyou from an Aries! What we find is the rest of you move to slowly you need us to take you all forward even though it could take you years if not decades to come close to where we are. The temper comes from frustration, more then anything else a good door slamming is thus required. That is why we hold no grudges just a sigh, well they are there hard to move! We are fearless warriors though so best not to mess with us, we prefer to defend the rights of others & are very protective, but will not tolerate spanner throwers or power trippers when they know not what we know. The aspect of moon & planets in other houses plus ones ascendants adds the depth & colours to the aries personality. For myself I also have Aquarian rising with moon in cancer plus a flotilla of pisces. So there is nothing superficial about our door slamming.I will leave it at that!

Thanks for this article, I have 2 close friends who are Arians. :-D

Well, you nailed me. No question.

Ranked #1 in Astrology

Ty! It takes one to know one....:)