Moonstone Birthstone
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Moonstone Birthstone

The birthstone for June is the moonstone The moon is captured in the pure glow of the moonstone

Moonstone is the birthstone for June, and it is also the semi-precious gem for the 13th wedding anniversary. The opalescent stone ranges from colourless to blue, peach. green, pink, yellow, brown or grey with a silvery sheen. This incandescence is known as schiller, which is a colourful play of light across the cleavage planes that is displayed in some minerals.

Moonstone is part of the large mineral family of feldspars and the clarity of the stone ranges from transparent to translucent.  The rainbow moonstone is milky white with a rainbow coloured sheen and it is the most valuable gem from the feldspar family as it is composed of albite, which gives it the bluish hue.

It is the stone associated with emotions and feelings of love and it is supposed to enhance a person's power of understanding and intuition. Different cultures give different meanings to the gem.

  • In India moonstones are considered to be holy and have magical powers to bring good luck to their owner. They are referred to as the "dream stones" as it was believed in ancient times wearing one would lead to the enchanted world of dreams at night.
  • Arabs think moonstones are a symbol of fertility.
  • Romans created the name moonstone because they believed the stone's appearance changed with the changing phases of the moon.
  • In Greece they believed droplets of moonlight dew hardened on the ground to create the moonstone

It is the traveller's stone, protecting those on their journey and it is supposed to improve intuition. It is also the feminine stone as it is the stone worn by the High Priestess in the second major arcana cards in most tarot decks.

It brings focus and clarity, as well as harmony and soothed emotions, shimmering as if lit from within. It really does seem like a piece of the moon is capturing its pure glow.

Moonstones are traditionally given and worn by brides, which is how it probably came to be the birthstone for June. This is the month most commonly associated with weddings. In days gone by it was considered unlucky to get married in May and everyone wanted to be a June bride.

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