Predictions for The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius
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Predictions for The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius

We are in the midst of the Dawning of The Age of Aquarius

Here's a slight adjustment for those people who thought The Age of Aquarius started and ended in the 1960s. Sorry to disappoint you, but the actual Age of Aquarius is now Dawning. At least, I think so.

Astrologically speaking,( in plain English), astrologers just can't agree about when the Age of Aquarius started, or even if it's underway. Some famed astrologers believe The Age of Aquarius won't begin until 2060 (way past my bedtime), while others believe it's been going on for centuries. Some astrologers thought the Age of Aquarius would coincide with the Millennium. While many others aren't exactly sure, they say we are feeling the positive energies associated with The Aquarian Age. Songs from the musical, "Hair"  may be fun to sing or hum, but the lyrics don't have anything to do with accurate Astrology. It's as if the 1960's was but a preview of a much bigger movie in the future. And, as the saying goes, the future is Now.

I say it doesn't really matter what year or decade The Age of Aquarius begins or ends (it could last thousands of years), so long as we exhibit the best of the principals of the Aquarian Age: scientific & technological miracles; unity and brotherhood; exciting, radically different forms of creativity; and incisive, decisive problem-solving. Fast-tracking a new hybrid car capable of going more than 200 miles on a battery/fuel mix, is but one example of an Aquarian idea.


During the last two decades, we got badly off the track. We derailed - creating more problems than we could solve at the time. The evidence of living in an Aquarian Age was slim to none in the 1980s & 1990s. Those were largely dark days; it was as if the Aquarian Age had been interrupted. But things are changing back.  In the next decade, we will witness startling innovations and dramatic changes in technologies, life style and popular culture. The Aquarian intellectual drive to solve problems will become more and more noticeable, as global and national problems become bigger and more critical. A ramped-up need to find solutions to these critical problems will motivate us to unite and work together.  Out of this will come startling new art and design (much of it environmentally green). Researchers and new thinkers will present the world with cutting-edge scientific discoveries, spurred on by the need to solve the biggest problems. I see a number of problem areas which will require Aquarian Age solutions, which means higher-level thinking and applications of courage and derring-do.

The problems:

1) The Warming of the Climate 

2) The growing global population

3) The limitation of global resources 

4) Employment and Education Opportunities 

5) Accessibility to new technologies for all.

I see a new group(s) of problem solvers emerging quickly. The global reach of the internet will allow people in different locations to work together, faster and more efficiently as they race against time.

The problem-solvers: Generally younger adults in their 20's and 30's, who have grown up with technology and whose upbringing has allowed them to to test boundaries and sail past limits. Many of the problem-solvers feel "entitled" to achieve and succeed. These non-conforming, but idealistic younger problem-solvers are willing and ready to tackle the world's challenges, so long as they are recognized and compensated. Many of them intuitively understand the problems and intuitively know how to fix them - another fine example of thinking and doing in The Aquarian Age.

So, even though we can't put a time certain on The Age of Aquarius, we see signs of a renewed Dawning. We can feel somewhat optimistic: the formidable challenges in front of us will be addressed and solved by a younger, idealistic generation bent on creating a better world. This group of 20-to-30 year-olds are smarter, braver and more innovative than we ever imagined. They will get the job done.

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Comments (13)
Ranked #8 in Astrology

I would hope things become more postive than they have been the last 9 years. Looking back at this first decade of the 21st century, it seems like a negative decade filled with all kinds of worries.

Ranked #1 in Astrology

Hey, Claire - maybe you meant to say "unless I can wear pasties, this time)....And Sam, I totally agree. Your timely and incisive articles highlight a lot of current problems. But I see a glimmer of light ahead (actually, more than a glimmer). A lot of profound work to fix things is already ongoing....

Ranked #8 in Astrology

Interesting how we look at the 20th century decade by decade. Each decade did have a different feel and meaning to it. The 1960s had a lot of positive and negatives to it all at the same time. And there was a ton of creativity and talent in the 1960s. It is interesting to look at the 1960s and wonder why the creativity exploded in that decade. What I come up with was a mixture of anger and fear and maybe the drugs added to it. The fear was the Vietnam war. You could see that fear in a lot of people when their 18th birthday was getting close since the word lottery meant something very different in the 1960s than it does today. Bad recessions like this one have a way of making society feel small and contractive instead of expanding and creative.

Ranked #1 in Astrology

The 1960s were full of creativity - in art, music, fashion, design - some of it drug enhanced, but more likely contagious creativity - the music, the colors, the excitement and passion motivated other creators and designers. We lost that in the 1980s and 1990s as more people focused on money and the art of the deal. But I see some creativity edging back - notice the new Prius TV commercial. Amazing. Tentative steps as we begn to emerge from the Recession basement with lots of ideas and brilliant new ways to express them.

The 1960's were chaotic in many ways. We had deaths of charismatic leaders and college students at Kent State. But perhaps the creativity sprang from the vibrancy of baby boomers reacing adulthood. Youth always brings new thought, new ways. And one thing we had in great abundance in the 60's and on into the 70's was young people reaching adulthood. The very energy of all that youth was a drug unto itself.

Ranked #1 in Astrology

Thanks, Lorena, I agree. The air was heavy with change - and I think change motivates creativity - for problem-solving and for expressing feelings. Aquarians always think things through - but through unusual perspective. I think the coming years will show us just how the younger generation digs us out of this hole. Like you say, new thoughts, new ways.

Sy The article is very interesting and I tend to agree. however i fell that if we were to back mup a bit to atime when our lives were more God centered we may find some of the issues you quote resolved. after when this all started we thought that way. Thanks Conrad Cardinal

Ranked #1 in Astrology

thank you for your thoughtful comment. I believe we all have different roads to travel and some of these paths could be devotional and spiritual. Many lessons to learn, whatever the path.

Well, you see in my research works on the Aquarius Age and the change in the Astrological configuration of shifting of earth from Pisces to Aquarius is in 2012. It is astrologically and scientifically accepted fact. It is well elaborated in almost all prophecies based on calculation and thus also recorded in the human history. Its dawn started around 1996 when the earth would have split-ed into two parts had the big comet-asteroid hit it. The gravitational attraction of Jupiter made it hit the Jupiter with making a big "hole" in the ground and the Earth was saved. In any case, the Era of 1960 to 1912 is considered as of Global Suffering that ends in 2012 when there are possibly many Dynamic Changes occurring. Thanks!

Oops. please read this one as: "In any case, the Era of 1960 to 2012 is considered as of Global Suffering that ends in 2012 when there are possibly many Dynamic Changes occurring." Thanks!

Ranked #1 in Astrology

Your perspective is interesting and enlightening. Thank you for contributing it. I am certainly comforted the comet-asteroid missed us! And I am looking forward to a (positive) dynamic change in 2012 - or even sooner.

An interesting and hopeful article. May I ask you what you mean by the term "i see ..."? Do you have a paranormal gift?

Ranked #1 in Astrology

Yes. Thank you for asking. I appreciate your comments.