The Facts About Paranormal Investigations
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The Facts About Paranormal Investigations

The truth about paranormal investigations explores the dynamics of earth science and the paranormal.

The truth about paranormal investigations can be summed up in about one sentence. Most claims of paranormal activity can be debunked or discredited. As a member of a paranormal group for over 5 years, and over 300 investigations under my belt, I can say that about 15 of them have resulted in some sort of evidence that has caused me to say I believed that place to be haunted, or have paranormal activity. That is not to imply that activity that could be called “paranormal” doesn’t exist more often. Can the three hundred people (and more counting witnesses) who contacted teams I’ve been with be wrong about what they’ve experienced? Can all of these other paranormal investigative groups be wrong when they determine a place has activity? No, they’re not wrong. Many times our living, human ideas will fail in determining how to appropriately capture evidence, and how to validate it. However, human nature suggests to us that if we can’t prove it, it must not be true. In the world of the paranormal investigator, ambiguity is attached to almost every investigation.

Many investigators capture EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) on audio recording devices. Can these voices be explained by science? Some say the voices you capture on tape are atmospheric bounce of radio/telephone signals that cannot be heard with the human ear, but can be captured by audio devices on several frequencies. Can EMF meters (Electromagnetic Field) capture the signature traces of a ghost or then energy of a spirit? Many think that spirits and ghosts are made up of energies that can be measured by such devices. Can they be fooled though? Yes, indeed the can and have. The earth houses many minerals that can hold electromagnetic energy from manmade devices or the sun’s electromagnetic energy that is projected towards earth. Quartz and Limestone are but two minerals that can absorb, and release, trace amounts of electromagnetic (EM) energy. So when someone is using one of these devices, understanding the geology of the area they are investigating becomes very important to the credibility of their findings later.

With all of the above in mind, the theory that we cannot prove or disprove ghosts exist is still at the forefront of the paranormal debate amongst believers and skeptics. Neither side will ever produce evidence to convincingly prove to the other their position is wrong. However, the paranormal investigator does have the benefit of thousands of paranormal investigation teams out there in the world trying to collect, verify and disseminate such proof of existence. One such group is the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Paranormal Society, known as IKOPS. They post their methodology and reasoning on how they do investigations right on their web site. They post some of their evidence captured, whether it be sensational or benign, for others to validate or discredit. The skeptics have nothing of the sort, simply because proving a negative (ghosts don’t exist) is almost impossible. So the quandary exists, who’s right and who’s wrong?

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