Traditional and Modern Birthstones for April, May and June
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Traditional and Modern Birthstones for April, May and June

Modern and traditional birthstones for the months of April, May and June

The traditional and modern birthstones for April, May and June are a beautiful mix of symbolic stones. June is the only month among those listed with multiple birthstones while April and May have a single birthstone that crosses over from traditional to modern. For those born in the spring and early summer, the respective birthstones are said to bring peace, protection and maybe even psychic acuities.


The accepted birthstone of April is the diamond. Not only is diamond one of the most valuable among the different birthstones it is also the most popular and comes with some of the more intriguing symbolic meanings.

Diamonds are pure carbon crystals with eight sides and are the hardest minerals found on the planet earth. They appear in nature in a variety of colors but the pure, clear white diamonds are what are associated with April birthdays. Symbolism surrounding the diamond is one of metaphysical amplification. Basically, some believe that the diamond accentuates the facets of the wearer’s personality and abilities while encouraging the affects of other stones he or she may be wearing at the time. Also, diamonds are said to guard against poisoning.


May is another month with a single accepted birthstone. Emerald is considered to be both the traditional and modern birthstone for May babies. In their purest form, emeralds are incredibly rare and highly valuable.

The emeralds most people will see in their lifetime come in a small variety of green hues and usually have other minerals or deposits embedded in the stone. Clear emeralds, know as pure emeralds, are the rare variety and are thought to have the strongest presentation of the birthstone’s symbolic and metaphysical properties. Some believe that a pure emerald stone worn on a daily basis can give the wearer psychic powers. Other symbolic functions include helping poor eyesight improve and aiding fertility in men and women.


For those born in the month of June, there are three different birthstones to choose from. The traditional birthstone for June is alexandrite. Modern customs associate both moonstone and pearl as June birthstones.

Alexandrite, while a younger semiprecious stone, is the traditional option for June birthstones. In birthstone jewelry, alexandrite is most commonly presented in a soft purple color but the stone can be found in a huge range of colors including red, brown, green, yellow and, at its rarest, a bluish hue. Several colors can be present in a single stone. Alexandrite is associated with several healing properties that can help internal organs. Also, wearing alexandrite is purported to boost one’s self image.

Pearls are modern birthstones connected to those born in the month of June. Among all the other birthstones, pearls are the only ones that are formed inside of a living creature. Created inside of a mollusk when a piece of sand or grit is introduced, pearls are considered precious stones due to their rarity and difficulty of harvest. There are several symbolic meanings associated with pearls including purity of heart, pious chastity and emotional balance.

The last modern birthstone of June is moonstone. An opalescent stone, moonstone comes in a range of colors from a pearly white to peaches, pinks and blues. Considered feldspar mineral, moonstones are the highest quality stones in that class. Romans believed that including moonstone in their jewelry would bring the power of the moon to the wearer as, according to them, it was formed by the moonlight. Other metaphysical uses for moonstone are as protection against headaches, epilepsy and raging emotions.

The birthstones associated with the months of May, June and July are some of the rarer and more sought after varieties of stones and gems that are connected with birth months. From every girl’s best friend the diamond to the elusive pure emerald, these symbolic stones can be found in every jewelry store.

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