What Color is Your Sun Sign? 12 Zodiac Fashion Colors for Spring
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What Color is Your Sun Sign? 12 Zodiac Fashion Colors for Spring

Spring colors are awash in many places, including the Zodiac Sun Signs. Each Sun Sign has its own array of special colors and flowers that can bring the colors to your clothing and inside your home or work space. From Aries to Pisces; from yellow tulips to red roses, Spring is the time for all Sun Signs to burst forth with creative energy.

Some people are aware that certain Astrologers (myself included) believe colors can enhance and even magnify the natural charms of a Zodiac Sun Sign. Why not Swing into Spring by choosing the splashy colors that are right for just you, according to the Zodiac? Here, they are, along with some of the effects you may expect from the colors that belong to you alone.

Aries: (March 22nd through April 20th): Aries isthe Leader Sign of the 12 Sun Signs in the Zodiac. Because Aries is a Spring planet, its colors correspond with that time of year. Choose yellows, inspired by daffodils, browns and yellows, reminiscent of sunflowers, and of course the familiar deep reds of roses, a color now so popular in Hollywood . Wearing precious gold & silver jewelry now enhances and magnifies your leadership abillities. There is a good possibility you will be asked to assume a leadership role in an area of life that interests you. Wearing bright yellow and red this Spring will help solidify your image as the must-follow person. 

Taurus: (April 21st through May 21st): Often regarded as the strongest (and toughest of all Sun Signs), the Taurus bull also has a mystical side which is reflected in this Spring's colors: Pale blue, Indigo, lemon yellow and even lead-grey are Taurus colors. You can find these inspiring colors in flowers meant for you:  lilacs, hyacinths, daisy and jonquils. Spring is the right time for Taurus to combine creativity with the can-do toughness where it matters. Spring looks like a good time to create new designs or add to old ones. Just be sure to follow-through. 

Gemini: (May 22nd through June 21st): Orange, camel, slate and gold are the recommended spring colors for the Sun Sign of the Twins. Spring favors your working on a new project, brain-stormiing and creating unexpected assets. Take your color inspiration from your planetary flowers: lily-of-the-valley, myrtle and tulips. There is nothing like a bright orange tulip to stimulate the power of your mind and keep it focused on one thing at a time. Spring is the time of growth, and Gemini is primed for this. Writing is especially favored now. 

Cancer/Moon Sign: (June 22nd through July 23rd): Striking colors for this watery Sun sign include violet, silver, black and blue. Look for flowers like violets, pale purple tulips and even silvery roses to speak to your Sign this Spring. Place these flowers or accessories or even floral scents, around your home or work-place to bring you harmony and calmness. If you are too stressed at this time to meditate or to reflect, take yourself to be the water -  ocean, lake, pond or even a trickling stream. In an urban setting, a fountain will work! If you are contemplating change, use the color black as the strong foundation and match it with sparkling silver or moonstones to show you mean business. Defy traditions,Cancer; the sages suggest you can move forcefully now.

Leo: (July 24th through August 23rd): Once again, we see orange, yellow, lead-grey and black as the Powerful Leo's Spring colors. Get your own color inspirations from peonies, tulips and marigolds. Wear topaz, or onyx or even antique jet. These stones multiply the many powers of Leo and the colors telegraph the strengths of this Royal Sign. You will make new friends easily this Spring. In fact, you may become the center of attention in your new friendship circle. This will bring you some overdue happiness.

Virgo: (August 24th through September 23rd): Virgo's planetary colors are white, blue and green, reflected in the flowers of tulips, lillies,azalea and roses. Virgo is a lover of nature and of the pleasure and bounty the earth brings us. Spring offers you the chance to garden (which you love), but also to get out around others who garden - either through gardening club, flower shows or local markets. Socializing will bring you new energies and illuminate your deeply-felt thoughts and desires. This is a great time to begin writing or blogging about what you love - nature, the earth, your home. Virgos are great cooks, as well as gardeners. Spring is the time to get cooking, using some fresh herbs or plants you have grown.

Libra: (September 14th through October 23rd): Your planetary Spring colors are pale green, sea green, lemon yellow, indigo and violet. Your inspiring flowers are foxglove, daisy, violet and lily of the valley. Wear pearls this Spring or peridot. Libra is a Love Sign, and your love will thrive, like Spring flowers, if you create harmony at home. Amply offer fragrance, plump up your lovely surroundings and add light, even with new candles. Your intuitions are particularly strong now, so do not over-think your actions. Go with the Spring Flow, and you will be surprised how much comes back to you.

Scorpio: (October 24th through November 22nd). As a child of Mars and the Sun, your magnetic powers are undeniable. Scorpio also possesses the kind of will and determination that makes all things possible. This Spring, red and orange are your inspiration colors.Find these colors in your bright red carnations, geraniums or a tulips. These colors spark your creativity, but if I were you I would visit a nursery to select something more exotic in Scorpio colors (perhaps a Bird of Paradise).  Your Sign is always so deep and mysterious; choose a flower to reflect that. Creating art is favored for you this Spring and any activity that involves art will surprise you with its success. 

Sagittarius: (November 23rd through December 22nd): This Spring appears bright for the natural-born sales person, which you are. You have such a magnetic and winning personality. Surround yourself with your Sag colors of white, pale yellow and pale green. Your flower is the golden-rod, but you may want to also include some succulents and cacti, especially those that feature yellow blossomes. Cactus will remind you to stay sharp as you approach this auspicious, money-making time. It is more important to work hard now than to want to indulge yourself, as you are prone to do. The parties can wait; work can not.

Capricorn: (December 23rd through January 20th): No one is more determined to achieve his or her goals than Capricorn, the Goat. Challenges don't scare Capricorn; this Sun Sign actually thrives on them. Your Spring colors are maroon, purple, violet, indigo. Your Spring flowers are the poppy, the flax and the holly (if you could find it now). At any rate, these are the colors to wear or to surround yourself with as you rise to meet new challenges and meet them on your own terms. Drink lots of water, this Spring (nourish yourself like you nourish your planetary flowers).

Aquarius: (January 21st through February 19th): This is the Giving Sign of the Zodiac - and what better time to give than Spring, when the earth is fresh and new. Aquarius' color are airy and ethereal like a breath of fresh air. Your colors are light blue, light turquoise and pale violet. Inspirational Spring flowers for you are tulips, pansies and daffodils. Wearing an opal inspires deep thinking about the changes you are going to make in your life now that you feel more free. You still have lots of time to make your mark in life; many famous and highly-regarded people (Presidents, inventors, artists) were born under the Sign of Aquarius. Spring is a great time to unleash pent-up energies.

Pisces: (February 2oth through March 21st): This is the sign of great Creativity and creativity blossoms in Spring. Primary Spring colorrs for Pisces are blue, violet and grey.Your planetary flowers are the fragrant and fragile mignonette, jasmine and yarrow. Wear pearls as adornment (they come from the sea as does your Sun Sign). Try to bulk up your confidence now, because your intuition is leading you in a new, uncharted direction. When unsure, Pisces some times feels like swimming in the other direction, but not this time. it's Spring, after all: a time for new beginnings.Take the risk; you will find reward.

Astrology reference: Astrology for Everyone by Evangeline Adams

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very interesting I never had associated colour with a zodiac sign before

A very exciting article!

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I saw so many glorious pink and red flowers yesterday; the colors really perked me right up! Thank you for your comments and recs.

I don't believe in this facts and even custom writing uk wrote that people should listen their intuition.