What To Consider Consulting Astrologers Online
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What To Consider Consulting Astrologers Online

Lately you can get a lot of free astrology readings online. Advertisement shows up even in Knoji articles. Here some guidelines you have to consider before taking the offer. Big chance you might end up paying after a free consult and maybe it is just expensive entertainment. But can we call people frauds, because they practise something not all believe? What will you get for your money, when you pay?

Astrology is the ancient art of reading the stars to define somebody's destiny. Most Western people might consider it as fraudulent and unscientific. Still, despite this arguments, you will find horoscopes in about every newspaper or magazine. I will not say they are true, but mostly those horoscopes are written in way that you might recognize yourself in it.

Now this also goes for many free astrological readings. It does not matter if you contact Madam Soleil, Gabriëlla, Norah, Jenna or whoever. They will give you a fine well detailed text, that you will surely feel it is written about you. When your neighbor, partner, mother, father or whoever orders, they might get the same text and the same feeling.

You might wonder how this so busy person with so many clients manages to send you such a huge piece of work in just a couple of hours. Was she waiting for you? It must be. Or this text was just made by a person with a good psychological insight, most likely with a marketing degree, that will sent it to you, as some genuine reading, mostly automatically transferred.

Now you often read that those psychic astrologers that are so good at knowing you, are simply pure frauds. Well, here is what I would say: what you get for free, just read en enjoy. If you are really willing to pay, you were not forced.

When you pay, you get a reading. This is not really fraudulent. If people really love spending much money on getting entertained, or getting messages that might help them or make them feel better, it is there choice.

If you sent money and get nothing, this is fraud indeed.

Many astrological websites are just hosted by companies that sell on people's naivety. Still there might be real astrologers out there: people who do look at constellations for you and who do look at you more personal.

In best case scenarios, those people really mean well and are actually great counselors, who do not overprize. In other cases, you might end up with a fraud that overcharges a lot.

Still you may question the price of an astrological consultation. If an astrologer really spent hours calculation and interpretation your horoscope, it is more than fair you pay this person. Astrologers do need to make a living as well.

If you believe in astrology, might be a personal opinion.

What I usually consider a bit weird is that many people that do not believe in astrology and consider it as untrue, are the ones fighting you to get the horoscopes in the newspaper first.

We cannot deny that the occult and even the today considered lesser sciences as astrology still have a huge influence on us. Is is because we like to believe, or simply because claiming the stars and planets responsible for your misfortune is easier than taking own responsibilities.

Even with modern science we cannot explain everything. So we still leave the door open to astrologers and in some cases to frauds and clever marketers.

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